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Robert H.

“Dan was a pleasure to work with. Rather than writing an essay for you, Dan prides himself on elevating his clients' writing skills. I left Dan a more cohesive writer, though most importantly, Dan provided me with a creative twist my thought process did not previously contain. Working with Dan resulted in more than I could have hoped for, and along the way, I gained not only stronger mechanics but also a mentor and friend. Dan is dedicated to his craft like no other, and I cannot stress the reward of working with him enough.”

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Markus C., PhD Candidate

“By far my writing ability was one of my worst scholastic proficiencies, and that says a lot considering the majority of graduate school is writing what we have discerned.  I have struggled with reading and writing since my childhood, but it wasn't until working with Dan that I learned some powerful yet intuitive writing hacks. Almost anyone can spellcheck, and add punctuation to your sentences, making sure grammatically it's properly organized yet how many people can help you to understand not just how to write, but how to become a better writer?  Help you to understand the depth of words and their  
interconnected relationships and how the precise combination is the difference between a Personal Statement that gets you an acceptance letter with an enclosed full-ride scholarship, as opposed to the rejection letter that sends you back to the drawing board further delaying your dreams.”

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Annie S.

“It has taken me days to figure out the right words to describe how WONDERFUL Dan was when he helped me with my transfer essays. I have been on a very untraditional college path and deciding the best way to present myself was very difficult for me. Dan showed my how to take the positives from the negatives. In helping me pull out the positives for my essays, we also discovered I had a lot more to talk about than just my surface level schooling and work. Dan is incredibly easy to talk to, which makes bouncing ideas off him a breeze. 

If you are a non-traditonal student or someone looking to beef up their resume, I HIGHLY recommend working with Dan. He is definitely not second best.”

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Milana P.

"When I applied to Teach For America only the top 10% of applicants were admitted. I had little to distinguish my application from others besides my passion for the cause. I couldn't have expressed that passion without Dan's help. He guided me through the writing process so that I could produce an attention-grabbing personal statement that got me in the door! Thanks Dan!"

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Andy | Professional Services

"On very short notice, Dan agreeably read, proofed, and provided point-by-point suggestions on portions of my National Science Foundation Pre-doctoral scholarship application. His comments were insightful and his suggestions helped me to crystallize my ideas and strengthen the persuasiveness of my arguments. I was also impressed by his ability to provide useful suggestions on essays that were largely scientific and technical in nature."

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Rory | Professional Services

"Daniel helped me compose a cover letter and statement of teaching philosophy for a college teaching position. Daniel helped me get my thoughts across in a way that was clear and effective. The final draft made me confident that I would be a strong candidate for the position. As a writing coach and editor, Daniel is enthusiastic and extremely thorough. Both an accomplished writer and a generous teacher, he is eager to share his talent for writing and has my highest recommendation."

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“For the past eighteen months, Dan has been helping me organize my thoughts and identify connections between my ideas. Dan is a master at helping students interpret details and identify powerful themes. He asks tough questions, makes poignant observations, and is not afraid to challenge assumptions. His ability to elicit thought-provoking information has not only helped me write better, but also inspired me to want to write more. What more can anyone ask of a writing coach!”

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Devin B Admission Essay

"Dan worked closely with me in organizing my thoughts from rough drafts into seamless renditions of my graduate school personal statement. He is a man who clearly understands how to structure and drive a story, and he does it with passion and an investment in the success of the people he helps. Dan is as good of a writer as he is a teacher, and I will take all of the techniques he has taught me into my graduate school career!"

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Lawrence W.

Dan helped me with my Linkedin page. He curated my thoughts and structured them to professionally articulate what I have to offer. His patience and ability to listen showed me that he is a skilled writer and passionate about his craft. 

I cannot thank him enough.

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Stephanie A.

I had such an incredible experience with Dan's services. It was my first time writing a letter of intent and I was truly lost on how to showcase my passion for my field of interest. 

If you're a student who needs guidance for your undergrad or graduate applications, this is your guy! Even if you think you've got it covered, I would strongly recommend just having him look it over. His is so skilled in tweaking sentences to make them more precise and eloquent. I hope other students see this and get the help they need. Thanks, Dan!

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