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Writing Support for students

Whether you're trying to get into your dream school or arrive prepared for success, I can help.


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Master the Writing Process 

Build the skills necessary for effective communication. My individualized writing coaching will equip you with a roadmap for successfully navigating each stage of the writing process. I provide a distraction-free emotionally supportive context to help high school and undergraduate students at every level of proficiency develop essential compositional techniques.

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Learn how to:
• Analyze a topic assignment or writing task.
• Brainstorm an approach and identify relevant evidence.
• Outline ideas and develop an original argument.
• Draw logical relationships between points and conclusions.
• Draft paragraphs and transitions. Revise ambiguous language for precision.


Discover your voice

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Dan Lichterman loves to engage his students in a writing dialogue which brings insight and purpose to the composition process.

He builds upon students' strengths and draws inspiration from their curiosities. He is particularly adept at fostering the skills needed to accommodate a range of learning differences.

Dan believes that every student, from high school through graduate school, can develop the critical reasoning skills and organizational techniques necessary for a lifetime of successful writing.

Daniel Lichterman has worked as an admission essay specialist, professional editor, writing tutor and academic coach for over 15 years. He has taught grades 9-12 Honors and AP English at Mount Madonna High School and is a preferred educational therapist at the Bay School in San Francisco. He is a Reed College graduate with a B.A. in English Literature.

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