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Get your foot in the door

Whether revamping a resume, pursuing post-graduate research, or pivoting within a career, presenting a strategically polished image remains essential. I have successfully helped clients at every career stage excise detracting details in order to effectively highlight their essential skills, allowing them to stand out from the crowd and start receiving interviews.

This self-curatorial approach goes beyond keyword optimization and buzzwords in order to construct a coherent, impassioned, career narrative tailored precisely to an employer’s actual needs. I guide clients to embrace brevity over chronological exhaustiveness, presenting only the details that actively demonstrate, rather than list, core skills. In lieu of a life story, employers receive a snapshot composed exclusively of content that will entice them to learn more about you.


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Become the ideal candidate for your new career

Cover Letters, Resumes, CVs, Performance Reviews

Transitioning between positions or entering an entirely new field can be intimidating, particularly when your past experiences do not appear to neatly translate to a new role. I help clients discover the perfect pitch for presenting their experiences and  talents in a new light, empowering them to confidently showcase what they bring to the table. I coach applicants in transition to embrace their past accomplishments, identifying and articulating the distinct skills that set them apart from more traditional applicants. I help clients see the genuine value in their experiences outside a chosen field, enabling them to project confidence in what they have to offer a team.

I assist candidates with all of their career portfolio including:
• Resumes • CVs • Cover Letters • LinkedIn Summaries • Direct Emails • Proposals • Statement of Intent • AngelList Achievements • Performance Reviews
(PERFs) and Performance Assessments


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