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Gayle G.

“We are so glad we found Dan! I specifically looked on Yelp to find a much needed essay coach for my son who is starting college in the fall of 2019. My 17 year old son seemed to be struggling with his essays and was putting himself under a lot of stress. Once Dan starting working with him he was able to relax and get his thoughts down on paper with confidence. Dan's knowledge, expertise and patience were a blessing!”

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Lena L.

"Daniel Lichterman has learned his craft the ideal way: by mastering each step of the writing process under the exacting tutelage of experienced, published authors. He has acquired the full range of tools for dealing with the full gamut of writing problems. At once reassuring and unswervingly focused on the end point, Daniel delivers the aspiring writer the skill set to produce a thoughtful, well-argued and precisely articulated writing that is the product of inspiration, perspiration, and revision."

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Bob C.

"Daniel brings an enthusiasm and creativity to teaching that is contagious. He is a dynamic instructor whose passion for language and ideas is immediately evident. He uses his playfulness with language and humor to challenge students to articulate their ideas with clarity and conviction. He has the sensitivity and psychological insight necessary for building trust with students across the developmental spectrum."

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Mel H.

Working with Dan has been an absolute pleasure!

His humor, good-naturedness, and down-to-earth style make working with Dan feel easeful and mutually cooperative. I'd recommend him as a writing coach or admissions essay consultant in a heartbeat. Super great teacher.

He really has a finger on the pulse of current writing trends and would be a great asset to have in your corner when applying for a new job or school. 

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Ivar Review

“On a very rare occasion, we get the chance to work with a professional whose natural talents are perfectly suited to their work. Such was my luck in getting to work with Daniel Lichterman. He is an ideal writing coach, bringing extensive experience, infectious enthusiasm, and penetrating insight to his work.

With Dan, you get more than a proofreader, an editor, or a commentator; you get a teacher and guide. And, like with many of the great teachers I have known in my life, Dan possesses an uncanny ability to foster real understanding and growth. Working side-by-side with Dan did more than improve the quality of the specific project at hand, it elevated my overall composition skills on all subsequent projects. I cannot recommend Mr. Lichterman highly enough.”

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