Buck's Story

Technology Systems Administrator and IT Transitions Specialist


Every professional needs a top notch advisor to help curate their employment portfolio. When I was called by a recruiter for my long shot dream job I looked to the best reviewed writing tutor in the bay area. This is where I found Dan. The hiring process moves quickly in the technology industry. In my case a recruiter interviewed me on a Tuesday and requested my CV by Friday. Due to a work project I was not able to work on it in until Thursday. Fortunately, Dan was able to fit me into his schedule during his lunch on Friday. After an his initial assessment it was clear that my portfolio needed much more work.

Dan canceled his evening plans and scheduled me for an additional 4 hour remote session from 6pm – 10pm. Line by line we polished each and every letter, space, sentence and paragraph of my application materials. The process felt like I was working with a grand master of CV preparation. It was both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. By 9:43pm we were done. I exported my documents as a pdf and sent them to the recruiter. The next week I was called in for my first interview with a top 5 IT company. I crushed the technical aspects of the interview after which the hiring manager walked me to the elevator on my way out. As we were making small talk he said, “I wish I had a CV like yours.” At that moment I knew that regardless of whether or not I was offered this job that I would continue as a client with Dan long term. Thanks again Dan!